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eBook Requirements

Adobe Digital Editions

In order to download EBSCO eBooks, you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. You will also need to use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer an eBook to a supported portable eReader device.

Adobe Digital Editions is a free download available at this link:

EBSCO eBook Search

eBook Collection from EBSCO


The EBSCO eBooks are online versions of print books that the library has either purchased with a perpetual license or via an annual subscription. eBooks that are owned will be available in perpetuity, with provisions being made for long term access and preservation. eBooks available via subscription are renewed annually for the library to retain access. EBSCO eBooks are available from all major academic publishers in virtually all academic disciplines.

EBSCO eBooks offer a number of advantages.  Users can:

  • Download titles to mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fires, and Android Devices
  • Search within a book for specific words or phrases
  • Save, print, or email chapters or sections
  • Copy and paste portions of text for easy access during the research process
  • Link to books or book chapters for easy reference or social sharing
  • Save a list of favorite books to a personal book shelf
  • Generate or export citations to bibliographic management tools
  • Save notes to a personal folder with an EBSCOhost account
  • Navigate between sections or chapters and the index via linking
  • Place holds on titles with limited simultaneous user licenses (though most titles are available for unlimited access)


The majority of titles in the UNF eBook Collection allow for simultaneous usage.

If you cannot access an eBook title it is possible that someone is using it and you may need to wait 45 minutes to use it.

Checkout time for EBSCO eBooks is 7 days


eBook Basics from EBSCOhost

Searching for EBSCO eBooks

There are several ways to search for EBSCO eBooks:

  • Perform a keyword search of the eBooks database using the Find field.

  • Search eBooks by Lexile using the Lexile field code in the Find field. For example, search LX 410 to search for eBooks matching that Lexile. To learn more about Lexiles, see: Lexile Reading Levels.

  • Browse by Category by selecting a category from the column on the left.

  • View the Latest Added eBooks using the left and right arrows or click View All to view a result list of all latest added eBooks.

  • View Featured eBooks using the left and right arrows or click View All to view a result list of all Featured eBooks.


Instructions for searching the eBook Collection.

Reading EBSCO eBooks

eBooks can be read online in the eBook Viewer by clicking the eBook Full Text link on the Result List or Detailed Record.

Instructions for eBook Viewer

Downloading EBSCO eBooks

You will see a Download icon that allows you to check-out and download the eBook and read it on your computer when you are not connected to the Internet, or transfer it to your Adobe Digital Editions-compatible eBook Reader device.

Note: In order to download eBooks, you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. We recommend ensuring you have the most recent version of Digital Editions installed. This is a free download available at http://www.adobe.com/products/digital-editions/download.html.

Instructions for Downloading an eBook

Instructions for Downloading a DRM-free eBook

Downloading EBSCO eBooks to a Mobile Device

eBooks can be downloaded to your mobile device and read with the free Adobe Digital Editions reader app.

You will need the following:

  • Adobe Digital Editions App (Installed on your Apple or Android device)
  • An Adobe ID
  • Safari Web Browser (Apple device users)

Note for Apple Device Users:  Pop-ups must be allowed in the settings for the Safari web browser as the downloaded eBook file opens in a new tab before opening in the Adobe Digital Editions app.

Instructions for Downloading an eBook to a Mobile Device

Recommended Browser Settings

The following notes include recommended settings for reading EBSCO eBooks on your computer.

  • The browser and system requirements for reading EBSCO eBooks are as follows:
    Internet Explorer - 11.0 or later
    Safari - 11.0 or later
    Google Chrome - Latest version plus one previous version
    * iOS - 11.0 or later
    * Other - JavaScript, Cookies Enabled, DOM Storage

  • For general browser requirements for the EBSCOhost interface, click here.

  • Internet Explorer versions 8.0 and older are not compatible with eBooks in EPUB format. To view an EPUB format eBook, we recommended these browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 or later.