UNF Digital Commons and SelectedWorks

How to Begin

  • Faculty are welcome to take a hands-on approach, or take full advantage of this library service. 
  • To get started or learn more about establishing a SelectedWorks site, please contact the SelectedWorks site administrator.
  • We will need your CV, a profile image, and a signed license agreement for any publications from journals that also allow deposit into institutional repositories.
  • If you'd like to create an account or log in to an existing account to update publications, please see https://works.bepress.com/account/register/
  • Bepress has provided a SelectedWorks Guide for Authors that provides step-by-step instructions for creating a site on your own.

Advantages of SelectedWorks

Advantages, Functionality, and Tools

  • SelectedWorks offers an easy and authoritative way to make your scholarly activities more widely discoverable
  • Customizable headings for categories of scholarly and artistic endeavors
  • You'll receive monthly readership reports via email
  • Ranking - SelectedWorks sites often rank higher than personal web pages in Google and other search engines because of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies employed by Bepress.
  • SelectedWorks provides the ability to assign delegates who have the ability to edit the page and upload content on your behalf.

Helpful documents and links

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