UNF Digital Commons and SelectedWorks

What is SelectedWorks?

While the UNF Digital Commons repository is institutionally focused, SelectedWorks aka Expert Gallery Suite provides faculty with personal sites that typically include a CV, areas of interest, and records for scholarly publications.  A SelectedWorks profile can enhance the discoverability of your projects, presentations, and publications.  A SelectedWorks profile may be as brief or as thorough as you wish.  You may log in to update and edit the site yourself at any time, or submit updates to us!

Visit the SelectedWorks Author Gallery

SelectedWorks - Advantages, Functionality, and Tools

  • Offers an easy and authoritative way to make your scholarly activities more widely discoverable
  • University-branded academic profiles  
  • Customizable headings for categories of scholarly and artistic endeavors
  • Monthly readership reports and access to an author dashboard with embedded PlumX Metrics

How to Begin

  • Faculty are welcome to take a hands-on approach to establishing and updating a profile, or take advantage of this library service. 
  • To get started or learn more about establishing a SelectedWorks profile, please contact lib-digital@unf.edu. 
  • We will need your CV, a profile image, and a signed license agreement for any publications from journals that may also allow deposit into institutional repositories.
  • Create an account or log in to an existing account to update here: https://works.bepress.com/account/register/

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