Giving to the Library

Osprey Nesters

Thank you to our Osprey Nesters. We are grateful for your support. 

This level recognizes recent donors who made pledges or gifts ranging from $1 - $499.

Maria Atilano, MA '09
Dr. Lisandra Carmichael
Alisa Craddock
Gabriel B.A. Crafton, BA '04
Jeffrey Davitt, MBA '12
Rachel Dobbs
Fidel Dumandan
Signe Evans
Jeremy Hall, BA '98
Gregory G. Helmick
Cindy Hoffer, BA '80
Aisha Johnson
Cynthia “CJ” Jordan
Glenda Kelsey, BA '08
Patricia M. Knapp, BA '96
Megan R. Kuehner, MEd '97

Christina Levine
Chung-Ping A. Loh
Susan Massey
Ann S. McCullen
Susie Parks
Diane R. Rabe, BA '84
Dee Robertson-Lee
Kathy Rudin, MPA '87
Donald Sapp, BA '85
Edith Sapp, MBA '82
Tina R. Sutherland-Johnston, BA Ed '96
Stephanie Weiss
Catherine S. Wood, BS '11
James Alderman
David Allen Sanjin Bilalagic
Thomas Caswell
Helen Coppedge
Dr. Lisa A. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dill
Rachel Dobbs
John Donegan
Captain and Mrs. Robert Engelhart
Andrew Farkas
Laura Fitts
Mr. and Mrs. William Guthrie
Megan Kuehner
Jared Mathis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Moore
Gwendolyn Ogden
Mr. and Mrs. John Powers
Stephanie Race
Michael S. Rogers
Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Sawyer
Joseph Singleton
Alice Stiles
Robb Waltner
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Watson III