Carpenter Library Community Engagement & Giving

Thank you for fostering educational advancements through UNF Digital Bookplates

With more than 75% of our student body receiving financial support through scholarship, grants and loans, student and faculty success depends on a wide selection of resources -- many of which must be privately funded. The Carpenter Library is no exception and must also attract community partners to help fund the tools necessary to expand its collections and educational offerings in order to support the growing needs of this cutting-edge research library.

Enter in a wonderful and permanent solution to honoring loved ones...the Digital Bookplate!

This centuries-old tradition, now digitized and globally accessible, is a unique way to celebrate the meaningful relationships in your life.

The Carpenter Library wishes to thank those donors who are helping to fund the necessary elements required to maintain this Library as a place of transformative student, faculty and community education!

Shown below are the five varieties of UNF Library Digital Bookplates with their corresponding levels of giving featured permanently on the following Bookplate Donor Recognition pages.

Please visit our Digital Bookplate Donors pages at left to celebrate all who support this effort!

I.    Special Price for Graduating UNF Students:  $120

II.   Special Price for Alumni, Faculty, Parents & Staff:  $250

III.  Personalized Bookplate Levels:  $500 - $2,500

IV.  Custom Bookplate:  $10,000

V.   Endowed Legacy Bookplate:  $25,000