Carpenter Library Community Engagement & Giving

Community Engagement

At the University of North Florida, engaged faculty, broad educational offerings and beautiful natural surroundings provide an ideal environment to inspire our students and our community.

At its core lies the Thomas G. Carpenter Library, the University’s academic hub and an inclusive space of vibrant collaboration and superior educational technology focused on our student's individual success in order to manifest a premier work force for our community.

An important element of developing well-rounded community members is their introduction to the rich cultural and personal development offerings within it.  The Library fosters whole student success by hosting a wide array of events and partnering with mind-expanding groups who bring both historic and cutting-edge programming, as well as everything from arts-based to professional development events.

Recent Events

120th Anniversary of the National Pen Women

This spring the National League of American Pen Women, Inc. celebrated both its 120th Anniversary as a national organization and the 90th Anniversary of its Jacksonville branch.  To commemorate Women’s History Month, the Library, UNF Women’s Center and Jacksonville Branch of the NLAPW co-hosted this multi-anniversary event on the 1st Floor of the Library and brought women creators in the Visual Arts, Music and Writing together with a panel discussion on the history and future of this important national organization. The event was free and open to all and brought students and the community-at-large together to share fascinating dialogue and delicious refreshments.

NLAPW Jacksonville President Duncan Sawyer, a professional photographer and a proud member of the first graduating class of UNF, led the panel and our celebration of the thousands of women who demonstrate how deep, strong and meaningful the contribution of women’s voices, minds and hands are to the arts right here on the first coast. Sawyer’s grandmother, the late Mary Freels Roseborough, was author of two historic novels and a founding member of the Jacksonville Branch of the NLAPW.  Joining Sawyer on the panel was artist and National Membership Chair Patricia Setser, author and composer Jan Atchley Bevan and editor and poet Fletcher Shipp, all members of the NLAPW Jacksonville Branch. 

When the National League of American Pen Women, Inc. was founded in 1897, women journalists were not permitted to join the National Press Club. Few women artists or composers were recognized for their talents. Members such as Vinnie Ream, Eudora Welty, Pearl Buck, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amy Beach, Carrie Jacobs Bond, and thousands of others have banded together for 120 years to illustrate the importance women play in the arts. 

Today, the NLAPW has 81 branches in 35 states and many members-at-large. There are over 1,600 professional women artists, writers, composers, sculptors, photographers, choreographers, poets, etc., who are members of the League, some in large cities such as New York, Atlanta, San Francisco and Honolulu, and others in rural areas, such as Vermont and the Dakotas. From Mississippi Delta public schools to Boca Raton women’s correctional facilities, from Hawaii’s Girl’s Court to after-school centers in Washington, D.C., Pen Women have experienced first-hand the personal enrichment that comes from arts engagement.  The NLAPW offers Membership-at-Large opportunities as well as associate and student memberships.  NLAPW is a diverse membership with no barriers to full participation on the basis of age, race, creed, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or class.

Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville at the Library!

On June 20, 2017 UNF Curator of Galleries and professor Jim Draper collaborated with New York sculptress and printmaker, Lorrie Fredette, and UNF Fine Art students to install the first showcase of student art at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library's brand new "Cynthia and Walter R. Graham, Jr., M.D. Student Art Gallery."  

Underwritten by Cynthia and Walter R. Graham Jr., M.D., this Student Art Gallery becomes the first formal, professional, curation space populated by student art and curated by the student's themselves under the leadership of Prof. Draper. This space will provide art students with an additional means of gaining valuable gallery experience and exposure for their artwork.  In the fall an event will be held to celebrate this important space and to recognize our generous donors.  Stay tuned as we announce future shows!

The inaugural show of student created, hand-pulled prints is in collaboration with Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville's Summer Arts Series. For additional information please visit MoCA's page here.