Library Community Outreach

Alumni Database Access Project

Alumni online access to significant databases, currently only available to faculty and students, would provide professional development resources to alumni, raise the profile of the Library, potentially increase Council membership and become an online banner advertisement opportunity to the donor.

Consider supporting the Alumni Database Access Project  at one of the following levels by completing your gift information here:

White Library Osprey:  $500

Blue Library Osprey:  $1,000

Silver Library Osprey:  $2,500

Gold Library Osprey:  $5,000 +

(Gifts above may be pledged over a five year period. Examples, a $500 White Library Osprey pledge would be $100 per year for five years and the Blue Library Osprey's $1000 pledge may be paid monthly for $84 per month. Flexible scheduled giving is available at all levels.)

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GOAL $5,000