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The Library welcomes any gift or donation to enhance the collections which falls within the guidelines of the collection development policy.  The Library reserves the right to accept or reject gifts and to dispose of gifts to the Library's best advantage.

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Library Strategic Initiatives, prioritized


Goal $50,000:  Students need increased seating! Presently we seek gifts in increments from $500 for one table to $1,500 for one table with four chairs to $12,000 for a full row of banquettes.

Textbook Affordability

Goal $10,000:  Nationally, 60% of students can not afford their textbooks and UNF students are no different. Currently, 75% of UNF students receive financial assistance. The Library can materially help by purchasing more textbooks to loan to students, while also investing in faculty by assisting in their development of custom, online textbooks -also free for student access. Gifts beginning at $100+ make an impact!

Library Commons Technology Fund, Naming Opportunities

Goal $30,000: Gifts of $5,000+ provide substantial support and continued enhancement of the technology in the Library Commons, the new standard in higher education.

UNF Student Art Gallery      GOAL MET!

Goal $5,000: Fine art classes use the Gallery to learn art business fundamentals. It also provides exhibition space to enrich student resumes. 

Presentation Production Video Studio

Goal $5,000: Students frequently request services and equipment, and room is available within the Library to assist students’ presentation production.

Alumni Database Access Project

Goal $5,000: Alumni online access to significant databases, currently only available to faculty and students, would provide professional development resources to alumni, raise the profile of the Library, potentially increase Council membership and become an online banner advertisement opportunity to the donor.

Tap Into Tech, Active Learning and Tech Lab Renovation

Goal $100,000: Currently Library classrooms are arranged as computer labs and today’s advanced learning style requires a versatile layout to teach work force collaboration and interaction. Furniture, data and technology need to be updated.

Books & Information Fund

An ongoing initiative to ensure students, faculty and the community have access to the world's most important and thought leading books on our over 400 concentrated areas of study.

Special Collections

An ongoing initiative to ensure students, faculty and the community have access to historical information and archives, and to ensure the history of our community and culture is protected.  This effort also produces jobs at the library for students who catalogue and digitize the collections for feature in the web version of the Library, "Digital Commons".  Last year, people from 213 countries across the globe visited the Thomas G. Carpenter Library Digital Commons for their educational purposes.

Success Story: Donor & Student Public Art Project

Final sculpure installed.Collaborative Student Sculpture Project

A joint project between the Library and the Art and Design Department has been made possible with a generous donation by Cynthia and Walter R. Graham Jr., M.D. that will fund student designed sculptures.

On the east side of the second floor of the Library there is a delightful reading alcove donated several years ago by Dr. Graham and named in memory of his mother, Rachel J. Graham. With the new Library Commons renovation the area is now one of the special features of the second floor. This reading and study alcove is surrounded on three sides by huge windows so the area is open and inviting. Outside on two sides there are large planting boxes but plants will not grow there due to the lack of water and direct sunlight. Library Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Curry and Dr. Graham brainstormed the possibility of installing art work in these outside spaces. The donation made by the Walter and Cynthia Graham will fund the materials for the two sculptures plus an award to the artist. Art professor Jennifer Hager organized the project and enthusiastically involved her sculpture class in the project so they could get “real-life” experience. Each student presented their design concept, budget and scale model to a committee that included Dr. Graham, Dr. Debra Murphy, Chair of the Art and Design Department, Dr. Curry, Library Dean, Courtney McLeland, Librarian and Art Liaison and Rhonda Gracie, Horticulturist in Physical Facilities. Thanks to the students who participated: Cal Cook designed “Input/Output,” Ramona Harmes designed “ Tumbling Books-Waves of Knowledge,” Stephen Pane designed “Knowledge & Light,” Emily Pinnell designed “Fish Stories,” Dane Pinks designed “Monolith Blue,” and Michael Quatromoni designed “Diversity & Transformation.”

Mary Ratcliff was the student with the winning design. She is a junior at UNF, majoring in fine arts with a concentration in sculpture and a minor in professional education. Her artwork often consists of unique, dynamic forms often displaying an accompanying colorful palette. She finds inspirations from nature and applies these natural, organic influences into her work. The winning designs, Connection n. and Connect v., two site-specific works, were designed to bring life and energy into the vacant area outside the library. The two large-scale metal sculptures are inspired by the complexities of the brain, focusing on the connections of neurons and neural networks. The concept of “connections” also serves as a metaphor for valuing and building relationships and a network of colleagues, instructors, and professionals during one’s educational journey.

 sculpture instal    more sculpture installation    bolting the sculpute to the platform 


Crane delivering sculpture

Thanks to Mitch Wilcox and Darrin Nieman from Nieman and Company and with the Sims Crane and Equipment Company for their help in installing the sculptures. Their expertise, equipment, manpower and generosity made installation flawless! One piece was hauled over the second floor balcony and another piece was carried up the stairs. It definitely was a team effort!


Donor & Students Appreciation Reception


project leaders

Jennifer Hager, Cynthia & Walter Graham, Mary Ratcliff, Elizabeth Curry,
Debra Murphy (left to right)

2015 - President Delaney, the Library staff. the Library Dean’s Leadership Council, the Art & Design Department, friends, faculty, students and staff attended a reception to thank Cynthia and Walter R. Graham, Jr., M.D. who donated the new library sculptures. Elizabeth Curry, Library Dean and Debra Murphy, Dean of the Art and Design Department recognized Mary Ratcliff, the student sculpture and Jenny Hager, the sculpture professor. The sculptures titled “Connection, n. and Connect, v.” are a metaphor for building relationships during the academic journey. The project itself was a special collaborative learning journey!



reception audience artist  multitouch