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Special Collections - Archiving our Community's History

Library Special Collections Enrichment Fund

Special collections entrance.

Special Collections, 1st Floor

The Library Special Collections Enrichment Fund is used to acquire materials for the Special Collections Department. Funds may be used to acquire collections, purchase materials for preservation needs, and to digitize collections for global access and research.

The Thomas G. Carpenter Library serves all UNF students, faculty and members of the Jacksonville community at large. Open up the world of the library’s unique digital collections and find faculty and student works, Special Collections and university archives, and the heritage of the Northeast Florida region. Discover what's unique about UNF, Jacksonville, and Florida by exploring the treasure trove of rare, valuable, and unusual documents and artifacts in the Library's Special Collections.

To learn more regarding donation of archives or your special collection please contact the Library Dean.

About Special Collections

The resources of the Special Collections section of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library include University Archives, Rare Materials, and the Personal Papers and primary source materials of prominent individuals and organizations. Special Collections is located on the first floor of the Library in room 1301. 

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. by appointment

NEW - Recently Bequeathed Special Collections


Dr. Edna L. Saffy Collection 

The collection contains awards, correspondence, memorabilia, printed materials, and writings. Many printed materials and photographs relate to politics and political activism. There are also numerous photographs and newspaper clippings, as well as Dr. Saffy’s dissertation. The collection also contains two large portraits of Dr. Edna Louise Saffy. The portraits are available for viewing by request in Special Collections. The collections spans from 1962 to 2013 with the majority of the items dated 1973 to 2010.

The finding aid as well as digitized photographs and documents can be found in the UNF Digital Commons. 

The Carl Hayden Quinn Collection

The collection is named after Carl Hayden Quinn who is the grandfather of the donor’s wife. The collection was received September of 2014 and consists of twenty-two items including World War I maps with markings of French barracks, photographs, newspaper clippings, and a variety of documents such as enlistment and discharge records. The materials are dated between 1917 and 1922.

The finding aid as well as digitized photographs and documents can be found in the UNF Digital Commons.

Ansel Brooks Smith, Sr. Letters

Ansel Brooks Smith, Sr. was a well-known physician with prominent patients including Sen. Arthur Vandenberg. Smith, Sr. who served during WWI as a Chief of Medicine operating on wounded soldiers and training Military physicians. The collection was donated by his son, Ansel “Bud” Smith, Jr. This collection, acquired with a recommendation from Dr. Courtwright of the History department, contains more than 1,000 World War I letters from Ansel Brooks Smith, Sr., a prominent physician during the Great War. The collection also includes envelopes, letters, telegrams, and postcards to his wife, children, and other family members. 

NEW - Northeast Florida Literary Heritage Collection

The Northeast Florida Literary Heritage Collection consists of first editions, manuscripts, papers, correspondence, autographs, and other materials from literary authors living in or writing about Northeast Florida. The collection also holds the work of emerging Northeast Florida poets, fiction writers, playwrights, and screen writers who are the literary voices of today and tomorrow. With digital as well as print texts, the collection makes the literary heritage of Northeast Florida available to researchers, scholars, and other interested readers from the region and beyond.


  1. Antique Maps
  2. William M. Jones Papers
  3. Elisa Hatch Letters
  4. Camp Joseph E. Johnson Collection
  5. Fleming Family Letters

Additional Special Collection Examples

  1. Jacksonville Business & Government History
    1. Ed Gamble Cartoon Collection
    2. Barnett Bank Collection
    3. Nathaniel Glover Collection
    4. John E. Matthews, Jr. Collection
    5. Joe Carlucci Collection
    6. Richard Mette Collection, incoming


  1. Jacksonville’s 20th Century Boom: Urban Planning & Transportation History
    1. JAXPORT Collection
    2. Arthur N. Sollee Papers – Dir. Of Jacksonville Expressway Authority 1956-72
    3. Richard A. Martin Papers
    4. George W. Simmons, Jr. Planning Collection


  1. Civil Rights and the Afro American Experience in Northeast Florida
  1. Earth M. M. White Collection
  2. Rosa G. Holmes Walker Papers


  1. Jazz Archives Collection
  2. University Archives Collection

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