Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Deposit Guide

Order of Contents

I. Preliminaries

A. Blank page (Only required for print versions)

B. Title page (required)

C. Copyright Notice (optional)

D. Certificate of Approval (one original with archival copy)

E. Dedication and/or Acknowledgments (optional)

F. Table of Contents (required)

G. List of Tables and/or Figures (if applicable)

I. Abstract (required, not to exceed 300 words)

II. Body of Text

III. Reference Materials

A. Appendices (if any)

B. Citation of Sources

C. Bibliography

IV. Vita (required) (no more than 250 words) Brief biographical information about the author, including educational and employment history, and bibliography of publications, if any.

V. Blank Page (Only required for print versions)

Pagination Sequence

Title page:                                                            counted as Roman numeral, but not numbered

Copyright notice (if any):                                    counted as Roman numeral, but not numbered

Certificate of Approval (required):                  counted as Roman numeral, but not numbered

Acknowledgements (if any):                               numbered in small Roman numerals

Table of Contents:                                                numbered in small Roman numerals

List of Tables/Figures (if any):                           numbered in small Ro man numerals

Abstract:                                                               numbered in small Roman numerals

Text:                                                                        numbered in Arabic numerals; count, but omit number from page one

Appendix (if any):                                                numbered in Arabic numerals

References/Bibliography:                                 numbered in Arabic numerals

Vita:                                                                        numbered in Arabic numerals

Subjects: Library Administration
Tags: copyright, etd