Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Deposit Guide

Guidelines for preparing and formatting the document.


The following guidelines cover the Library's suggested visual format for theses and dissertations. Students should follow any style manuals specified by their departments or colleges.

Though theses and dissertations must be submitted electronically, this guide still includes legacy print copy standards for students who would like to produce paper versions for personal use.

Text and Fonts

A.   Type must be black.

B.   10- or 12-point type size--no script, italic, caps or boldface used for the entire text, except for formulas in scientific texts.

C.   Consistency--use same standard typeface throughout main text--although tables may have different typefaces, all must be legible.

D.  Page numbers may not be placed in the upper left or lower left margins.

E.  Running titles should be within the same margins as the body of the text.


The text should be double space throughout, except within the footnotes, bibliography, tables, or long quotations which may be single space. 



A.  Top, bottom, right, and left: 1", except for chapter headings which should have a 2" top margin.

C.  All illustrations, graphs, charts, etc., must fit within margin guidelines.

D.  Right justification is acceptable, as long as it does not create extra spaces between words, letters, or punctuation.

Title Page of the Theisis/Dissertation

A.   The title page must include the exact title of the thesis/dissertation, the student's full legal name, the year of graduation, the correct name of the degree received, and the correct name of the college awarding the degree.  See the sample title page in the sample documents tab.

B.   Center the text of the title on the page, which is not numbered.

C.   The Title Page is not numbered.

D. The Title Page should never include graphics or pictures of any sort.

Copyright Statement

A. A student wishing to apply for copyright should consult Copyright Basics (Circular 1 of the Copyright Office), which is available in the Government Documents Department of the Library and online.

B. Although the copyright notice is not required on unpublished works, the student may wish to affix the notice Unpublished Work c1989 John Doe to the bottom of the title page. (Circular 1, p.6)


Electronic Formatting For Submission

A.     The electronic version of the thesis submitted to Digital Commons should be a finalized copy in PDF format or a Word document. 

B.     Accompanying material such as images (maps, photos, etc.) should be saved as a TIF or JPEG2000.  Audio files are to be saved as MP3 and video files as MP4.

C.  If you are submitting source code, either as additional files or as the primary document, it must be submitted as a zipped file.  In addition, this material must include two additional pieces of information.  What platforms are supported (e.g. Windows, Linux, etc.) and what programming language was used (e.g. C++, perl, etc.).

Helpful Software

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