What is OneSearch?

Source Types

OneSearch includes much more than just articles.  Searching with OneSearch allows you to find books, academic journals, newspaper articles, music scores, conference materials, reviews and more.

OneSearch "Source Types" dropdown

What is in OneSearch?

OneSearch combines the information from the library catalog, the digital repository and many databases into a single database so your search is faster, and more thorough.

OneSearch does not:

  • Completely cover all the databases the library subscribes to.
  • Have the advanced features specific databases provide.

If you need to conduct a comprehensive search, for example for a literature review, you should search individual databases as well as OneSearch.

Content Provider

The Content Provider limiter, at the bottom left of the search results screen, can be used to establish which sources results have been retrieved from.

"Content Provider" dropdown

Click the Show More to see the full list, sorted by Hit Count or Name.

"Content Provider" dropdown expanded

Tick the checkbox next to one or more content provider and click the Update button to narrow your search to results from those providers.