Options to Limit Search

"Subject" dropdown Click the toggle arrow to expand or collapse a group of refinement choices, such as Source Types, Subject, Author, or Publication.

Click the Show More link to see even more options.

Tick one or more checkboxes and click the Update button to refine your results.  Choosing more than one will result in an OR search for all checked terms.

Note: the refinement options listed change depending on the items in your search results list.


"Subject" dropdown expanded

View and Remove Refinements

"Results" dropdown


Click the toggle arrow next to the number of results to see your search terms and any search options you have selected.

You can remove any refinement by clicking the orange X box next to it.




Limit Your Results List

Use the limits to control where the search looks:

  • Full text
    • Finds items only available in full-text online.
  • Catalog only
    • Finds items from the library catalog. Only finds material from the local library collection
  • Peer Reviewed
    • Limits to items from peer reviewed publications
  • Available in the Library Collection
    • This limits to everything we have access to in the UNF collection,either:
      • Physical items we have in the library or,
      • Items we have in full-text online.

Click the question mark button icon next to the search box for more information and search tips.

Choosing Keywords

Look at the terms used in your recommended reading, lecture notes and textbooks.

Use reference sources such as, dictionaries, encyclopedias or handbooks to clarify the definition of keywords and concepts.

A thesaurus can help you to find related terms and synonyms. 

Consider broader and narrower terms:

Broader term = Communication
Narrower term = Newspapers


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