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"Search Options" link

To access search options that give you more control over your search:

Click the Search Options link under the search box.

The Search Options screen will allow you to narrow your current search and it also allows you to choose the Advanced Search.

Advanced Search

This allows you to enter your search terms in the three search box, one concept per row.

  • Use the menu to the left of a search box to link the boxes using Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT. 
  • Use the drop-down menu to the right of a search box to choose which field to search in, such as:
    • Author
    • Title
    • Journal title

OneSearch Advanced Search


Keyword, Title or Author

Choose a search mode, enter your search terms and click the Search button to start your search.

Search Modes

  • Keyword: to search for information on a topic.
    • renewable energy sources
    • "chemical engineering"
  • Title: to search for a specific item
    • Catcher in the rye
    • Journal of economic perspectives
  • Author: to search for items by an author
    • Poe, Edgar Allan
    • Matthews

Click the Search Options link for more options.

    Advanced Search Fields

    Advanced Search allows you to search different fields than the Basic Search.  Here are some of the common fields. 

    • AB Abstract: to search for your term within the abstract (summary) of the source.  Will mostly narrow your list to articles from journals, as many other sources do not have abstracts.
    • SU Subject Terms: to search for your term as a subject heading.  Subject headings are used to describe a topic and link together related sources.
    • SO Journal Title/Source: to search only within a certain publication.

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