Step 1: Enter your Search Terms

From the library's home page, type your search terms into the search box and you will be taken to OneSearch to see your results. 

OneSearch search box

Step 2: Refine your Search

Search refining filters

Check how many results you have on the left of the search screen

Too many results? Use the limiters on the left

Publication Date: you could limit your search to the last 10, or 20 years 
Source Type: like book, journal or news  
Subject: to narrow your search to a particular topic

Too few results? Try modifying your search

Remove some words or try a simpler, broader search

Tip: if you get no results check for typing mistakes

Enough results? Let's get started


Step 3: Explore your Results

Accessing the items in your results list:

  • For a printed book check the status and location:
    • If it is available, borrow it at the library.
    • If it is not available, click the Retrieve Catalog Item link to place a hold
  • Click eBook Full Text to view an e-book.
  • For other types of items, click the: Full Text, Full Text Finder, or Not Available-- Check for Other Options link.

 Full text link in a OneSearch record