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Refine Search/Limiters

  1. Limit your results to more specified searches.
  2. Limit to Peer Reviewed resources
  3. Limit to year of publication
  4. Limit to specific research databases
  5. Add to a reading list in Canvas by clicking on this button.

What Can You Do?


  • Can reorder the reading list
  • Can add notes (i.e. this is an optional reading)
  • Can add links to websites or outside sources
  • Can add text/instructions to the resources chosen
  • Can create folders to group resources
  • Can import existing reading lists

What Are Reading Lists?

Arrows pointing at the ways to refine search/limiters


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The Carpenter Library aspires to be the intellectual center of its community, to foster innovations that lead to the discovery of knowledge, and to further the research and scholarly endeavors of its users.

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