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What is ILL?

ILL (Interlibrary Loan) is a cooperative borrowing system.  Libraries agree to terms and borrow items from each other on behalf of their patrons.  For distance learners, ILL is a great way to get items that UNF does not own. 

At UNF, we have 2 ILL systems: UBorrow and ILLiad.  UBorrow is a special system set up among the State University Libraries of Florida.  It only lends books.  ILLiad is a national/international network that lends books, articles, and media.  UBorrow is accessible through OneSearch or the UNF catalog - just click the UBorrow button after you've done a search.  You can also use the UBorrow search box on this page. 

Set up your free ILLiad account online with the link below. 

If you request books or media through ILL or UBorrow, you can pick them up at the Library. We are working on a system to deliver books or media directly to users in fully online degree and certificate programs.  See the box below for instructions on how to make a DL ILL request.

If you live near another state university library, you may be able to work with them to have ILL books/media delivered there.  You also have borrowing privileges at those libraries as long as you are currently enrolled at UNF.  Contact the individual library to find out what to do to get access. 

UBorrow Search

Search the combined catalog of the Florida State University Libraries - UF, FSU, USF, UNF, etc.

What if I'm not near UNF?

Need some print materials but can't get to campus to pick them up?  You have options. 

  • Contact us!  We are developing a delivery system for books and media owned at UNF.  We can also mail items borrowed from other libraries through UBorrow or ILLiad directly to you.  We are happy to work with you to find the best solution.  Please submit an ILL request through ILLiad and add a note that you are a Distance Learner.  Articles will be delivered electronically and physical items (books, cds, etc.) can be mailed.
  • If you live outside of Jacksonville, and want to borrow items from another state university or public college library, please contact the institution's library to determine their borrowing privileges. Check the Combined Catalog (UBorrow Search) to see if the book is near you.  Current UNF students, faculty, & staff have check out privileges at all state university and state college libraries.  Bring your UNF ID. Students may want to bring proof of enrollment (a copy of your schedule will do) to that library.
  • Use ILL at your local public library. Many public library systems participate in the same ILL network as the state university libraries.  There might be a cost associated but if you really need the item, it's a good way to go.
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