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The Osprey: our UNF mascot

Osprey mascot

Did you ever wonder how the osprey was chosen as the University mascot?  Read about all the details in this fun and informative piece by Gary Warner!

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For Your Viewing Pleasure - First UNF Commencement

 First UNF commencement, June 10, 1973First UNF commencement, June 10, 1973







View the video of the first UNF commencement ceremony, June 10, 1973. President Thomas G. Carpenter delivered the commencement address to a graduating class of 35 students, and an audience of 400 guests in the UNF main courtyard. The soprano solo, "Hear ye Israel," was performed by Cynthia Valentine, Class of 1974. By virtue of alphabetical standing, Robert Stephen Berry was the first student to graduate from the University. Graduate students receiving master's degrees in education included Betty S. Holzendorf (later Florida Senator) and Bernadine J. Bolden (later UNF professor of education and Vice President of Student Affairs).

The UNF Story: Milestones in our History

This series of historical vignettes highlight significant events and individuals who were pivotal in the establishment and development of the University. The first chapter begins with the establishment of the University:

Aerial view of UNF campus construction, 1972

35 Years of UNF History

In recognition of the 35th anniversary of the founding of the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. James B. Crooks, Professor Emeritus of the University presents an overview history of the University starting from its first day of classes on October 2, 1972.

UNF Nature Trails

Recognition ceremony: UNF nature trails named national recreational trail by the U.S. Dept. of Interior. July 10, 1978. l-r: Pres. Carpenter; Sawmill Slough Pres. Ray Lewis; Dept. of Interior Chief John Brown; Sawmill Slough advisor Ray Bowman.

The UNF nature trails have played a significant role in campus life. University Archives contains over 500 images showing the development of the trails and lakes over the years. Additionally, the official files of the UNF conservation club, Sawmill Slough, is held in Archives. The image above shows the recognition ceremony naming the UNF nature trails a national recreational trail by the U.S. Dept. of Interior on July 10, 1978.

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