UNF Digital Commons and SelectedWorks

Hosting an E-journal in Digital Commons

The UNF Digital Commons E-journal functionality provides the ability for any department, school or group on campus to publish an online journal.  Advantages of this functionality are:

  • Journal submission software which makes it easy for authors to submit articles
  • A fully customizable interface that allows the journal to create a unique look and feel
  • A well-structured site including journal structures that include volumes, issues, etc.
  • The journal is full-text indexed by Bepress and the system allows searches that include browsing by issue, simple searches within the journal, and full-text searching of the content.
  • The flexibility of the system allows the creation of open access journals or a journal by subscription.
  • A complete workflow for editors, reviewers and contributors that makes the publishing process easy


Open Access

Simply and traditionally, open access is defined as: "digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions".  But what does this mean to you?

  • Open access increases access to articles, especially to those with limited journal budgets are to those who are in remote locations.  This is especially useful for distance learning initiatives.
  • In creating an open access journal, you have control over whether or not an author retains copyright, but traditionally, open access journals allow the author to retain their copyright.
  • The UNF Digital Commons e-journal functionally allows the journals to offer open access to its contents.

I want to make an e-journal, now what?

If you are interested in starting an e-journal for your department, school, organization, etc., please contact the UNF Digital Commons e-journal administrator, Courtenay McLeland.

Subjects: Library Administration
Tags: copyright, digital commons, institutional repository, selectedworks