Government Documents

Use this to find government documents that are in the library or linked through the catalog.

Collections and Locations

Though government publications may be found throughout the library's collections, they are primarily found in the following locations and collections:

 U.S. Documents - Government Documents - 2nd floor

 Florida Documents - Government Documents - 2nd floor

 Maps - shelved with U.S. Documents (SuDoc) - Government Documents - 2nd floor

Online E-docs, U.S
Documents Microfiche Collection (SuDoc) - Periodicals - 3rd floor

Documents Microfilm Collection (SuDoc) - Periodicals - 3rd floor 

Map Cabinets - large flat maps - Periodicals - 3rd floor

Documents browsing guide

Feel free to print the following PDF file as an aid to browsing by government agency or department.

Jacksonville Documents

Tip: All of the Jacksonville governmental materials in the Florida Documents collection will have a call number beginning with JAX.

Using Limiters in the Catalog


If you are seeking only government documents and wish to limit your search, there are two ways to accomplish this in the library’s catalog. 

1)      You may search for your topic and limit the results by a location such as Government Documents-2nd floor.  This method will not, however, reveal that there are online only documents in the catalog, or documents in microfiche on the 3rd floor. 

2)      You may also limit your search to the format of Govt Publication.  With this method you will also see items from university presses mixed in the results, but will have a more complete list of all formats of government documents that relate to your topic.