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About the Library

Discovery Enhancement

General Information

Discovery Enhancement is a part of the Technical Services Division of the UNF Library. The Division also includes Acquisitions, Serials, E-Resources and Digital Projects and Preservation.


The primary responsibility of Discovery Enhancement is to create and modify data that enables users to find, identify, select and obtain resources provided by the library. The Department describes materials and enhances data records in ways that make user searches in discovery systems relevant, focused, and faceted for specificity.

Discovery Enhancement maintains the online catalog of materials housed in the Library. The department also adds to OneSearch, the Library's discovery tool that includes physical as well as electronic resources that can be accessed on and off campus. For help in formulating catalog searches, check the Searching Guide or contact a Reference librarian.

To help users obtain resources on the shelves in the Library, Discovery Enhancement assigns call numbers to materials. The classification scheme used in most of the collection is the Library of Congress system, which arranges resources by broad subject areas subdivided by author or title.

The Department also creates data that helps users find Library-owned materials through discovery systems beyond the library. For instance, metadata for some library digital collections can be searched on Google, in PALMM (Publication of Archival Library and Museum Materials), or in Digital Commons.

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