Carpenter Library Giving


Glamorous? Probably not. But necessary, most definitely!

Furniture replacement and repair is essential and every student should have a “seat” that fits their particular learning style and facilitates success. With the new Library Commons renovation, exciting new spaces for collaborative and individual work will be benefit every UNF student and faculty member. The “Seat-a-Student” program will ensure that the furniture keeps pace with changes in education, research and needs and each space is suitably furnished for group-work areas, presentation-practice rooms or individual study carrels. Whether there are chairs, seating, pods, tables or stations the Furniture for the Future program will help guarantee that no UNF student in 2050 will encounter the same furniture installed in 2015.

Consider supporting Seat-a-Student at one of the following levels by completing your gift information here:

  • White Library Osprey:  $500
  • Blue Library Osprey:  $1,000
  • Silver Osprey:  $2,500

(Gifts above may be pledged over a five year period. Example, $500 White Library Osprey would be $100 a year for five years. The $100 may be paid monthly for $84 per month.)

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