Carpenter Library Giving

Greetings from the Dean

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.   - M.Mead

I am excited about the creation of our new online Giving web pages because this site now features information about opportunities to make a difference in student success and showcases the results of funding from our generous supporters.  Many people participated in making this web site a reality so thanks to staff members, Nicole Pece and Jeremy Hall, our development intern, Kim Joselove, as well as the Dean’s Leadership Council members Lisa Davis, Bridget Booth and Ron Stephan.  In the coming year the site will continue to expand so mark this as one of your favorites!

The Library’s overall mission of support for learning remains consistent; but, the way we offer services continues to evolve. Last year there were about 800,000 visits to the library by students, faculty and community members. The Library facility is critical for housing materials, providing quiet study space, offering areas to facilitate collaborative learning and providing access to the online materials which are vital to research and class assignments. Last year the library also made it possible for students and faculty to access e-books, over 38,000 online journals, and download 1 million documents online.  The library offers a vast amount of online information in our “library without walls” so we think it is important to provide online recognition of our supporters.  I hope you will browse our new digital bookplates that will support the purchase of library materials and our new Library Osprey pages that recognize support for the new Library Commons campaigns, Seat a Student and Tap into Technology. I deeply appreciate everyone’s support because we are striving to change the world one step at a time – one question, one book, one search, one archived collection, one project, one student, one faculty member’s research paper, one financial gift – all can make a difference.