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This guide will help you find scholarly book reviews.

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Example of a Scholarly Book Review

Reviews - Scholarly

Here's one that has many scholarly reviews.

Click on the book to see the review results.

Reviews - Not Scholarly

Here's an example of a book with several reviews, but none are scholarly. The search was by title of the book.

Just click on the book and you'll see the review results.

More Sources for Book Reviews

Use the tab at the top or this link to find more sources for book reviews.


OneSearch makes finding a book review a snap - sometimes! 

  • You may find reviews just by typing in the title of the book. You'll know it's a review by looking at the source - usually a journal name.
  • If you find the book itself by title, many times it has book reviews listed below the book description. Below is an example.

Remember that this is a new product and it is still evolving. You might be fortunate and find exactly what you need. If not, use the other sources recommended in this guide.


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